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Professional Development

Ms. Albright leads a team of 6th grade teachers at PIS in professinal development meeting...

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View Ms. Calhoun
Ms. Calhoun

Recipient of Governors Award ALFA Alabama Farmers Cooperative Clean Campus Program...(6th Grade Teacher-PIS)

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View Ms. Mohajerin's Class
Ms. Mohajerin's Class

Reciprocal teaching with poetry in small groups...(7th Grade English-PJHS)

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View Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall

Recipient of WSFA Class Act Award (8th Grade History Teacher-PJHS)...

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View Ms. Willis' Class
Ms. Willis' Class

Working in cooperative groups using instructional strategies...(6th Grade Langauage Arts-PIS)

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View Ms. Gray's Class
Ms. Gray's Class

Working in cooperative groups using graphic organizers...(11th Grade English-AS)

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View Ms. Finch's Class
Ms. Finch's Class

Project Based Learning groups with geometry cities...(6th Grade Math-AS)

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View Ms. Smiley's Class
Ms. Smiley's Class

Reading the Hatchett, with partners and small groups...(6th Grade Langauge Arts-MMS)

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View Ms. Dunavant's Class
Ms. Dunavant's Class

Learning about photosynthesis...(7th Grade Science-PJHS)

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