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EL Documents

Folder ESL Program Description (1 Files)
pdf file EL District Handbook
Folder Home Language Surveys and ESL Procedures Flowchart (2 Files)
doc file Flow Chart of ESL Procedures
pdf file Home Language Surveys
Folder School EL Contacts (Counselors) (20 Files)
doc file EL Flowchart - Identification Process
doc file *Cumulative Folder - Notification of EL
doc file *EL Folder Instructions
doc file 1. EL Folder - Checklist
doc file 2. EL Folder - Half Sheet (Inside)
doc file 3. EL Folder - Outside Sticker
doc file 4. EL Folder - Student Name Sticker
doc file 1. Parent - Meeting Invitation
doc file 2. Parent - Failure to attend meeting
doc file 3. Parent - Refusal/Waiver of EL Supplemental Services
doc file 4. Parent - Refusal of Services Explanation
doc file 1. Teacher - Initial Observation
doc file 2. Teacher - Accommodations Checklist
pdf file 3. Teacher - Quick Facts
doc file 4. Teacher - EL Participation Rubric
doc file 5. Teacher - Participation Rubric
doc file 6. Teacher - Progress Report Check List
pdf file 7. Teacher - Retention Documentation
doc file 1. FEL Exit Notification
doc file 2. FEL Exit Monitoring Form
Folder State Accommodations (3 Files)
pdf file ACT Consent to Release Information
pdf file Testing Accommodation_2016
pdf file State Accommodations Checklist
Folder Teacher Handouts (8 Files)
pdf file 5 Stages of Language Acquisition
pdf file Classroom Labels
pdf file Concepts about Print
doc file EL Grading Rubric
pdf file Go To Strategies
pdf file Language Transfers
pdf file Math Cognates in Spanish and English
pdf file Newcomer Lessons
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