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Federal Programs

The Federal Programs Department is responsible for the administration and monitoring of various Federal and State funded programs and grants. The funding, in most cases, is provided to the LEA (local education agency) to supplement those activities and programs already in place within the Autauga County School System.

All Title programs and special grants are governed by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. With passage of No Child Left Behind, Congress reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)--the principal federal law affecting education from kindergarten through high school. In amending ESEA, the new law represents a sweeping overhaul of federal efforts to support elementary and secondary education in the United States. It is built on four common-sense pillars: accountability for results; an emphasis on doing what works based on scientific research; expanded parental options; and expanded local control and flexibility.


Goals of the ESL Program

The goal of the Autauga County Schools (ACS) English as a Second Language (ESL) program is to provide equitable opportunities to students who have a primary or home language other than English, and who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) or Non-English Speakers (NES). The primary focus is to provide an English-rich environment to encourage English proficiency as quickly as possible.

ACS strives to create a learning environment that encourages students’ pride in their cultural heritage, and provides the cognitive and affective support to help them become contributing members of our society.  This program, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school, will provide each English language learner (ELL or EL) the opportunity to be successful in academic areas and to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency in order to be successful in all classes.  In short, the educational goals of the ESL program are: 

1.   Equal access to understandable instruction in all academic areas.

2.   Meaningful participation in all district programs.

3.   Increased English proficiency. 

4.   Mastery of subject matter content.


Federal funding that Autauga County Schools manage:

Title I, Part A

Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged supports programs and resources for disadvantaged students. Title 1 A funding is designed to aid districts in closing the achievement gap by placing highly qualified teachers in classrooms.


Title II, Part A

Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals provides resources for improving teacher and principal quality. It focuses on preparing, training, and recruiting high-quality teachers and principals.



(Programs based on the submission of yearly application for funds)

 Title III

Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students helps ensure that children who are limited English proficient, including immigrant children and youth, attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic attainment in English, and meet the same challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards as all children are expected to meet.


 Title X, Part C

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act of 2001 is part of the national policy for the education of homeless children, which provides funds to facilitate enrollment and attendance.


To read more about NCLB including a complete description of all Title programs, please visit the US Department of Education’s website at:  http://www2.ed.gov/policy/elsec/leg/esea02/index.html