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Name & Position Contact Info
Amy  Alford
Special Education Supervisor
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13001
Email Amy Alford
Carrie  April Bush
Preschool Speech
(334) 387-1921  Ext:30004
Email Carrie Bush
Donna  Denning
Transition Specialist
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13013
Email Donna Denning
Kellyn   Gibson
Occupational Therapist
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13016
Email Kellyn Gibson
Tracie  Grayson
Program Secretary/Bookkeeper
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13011
Email Tracie Grayson
Kim  Hollon
Preschool Teacher/Program Contact
(334) 387-1921  Ext:30001
Email Kim Hollon
Romona  Hollon
Transition Aide/Clerical
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13002
Email Romona Hollon
Kimberly  King
Preschool Teacher
(334) 387-1921  Ext:30003
Email Kimberly King
Mandy  Murphy
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13006
Email Mandy Murphy
Katie  Overby
Occupational Therapist
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13012
Email Katie Overby
Vivian  Palmer
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13008
Email Vivian Palmer
Janice  Pittman
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13010
Email Janice Pittman
James  Sanders
Behavior/Compliance Specialist
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13007
Email James Sanders
Rachel  Sanspree
Visually Impaired Teacher
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13009
Email Rachel Sanspree
Allison  Till
(334) 361-3843  Ext:13003
Email Allison Till
Tammy   Trammell
Preschool Speech
(334) 387-1921  Ext:30002
Email Tammy Trammell
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