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Sandie  Manscill
Health Services Coordinator
(334) 361-3898  Ext:12003
Email Sandie Manscill
Shannon  Barrentine
Prattville Primary School Nurse
(334) 365-6277  Ext:17006
Email Shannon Barrentine
Jessica  Blankenship
Billingsley School Nurse
(205) 755-1629  Ext:25008
Email Jessica Blankenship
Laken  Chance
Autaugaville School Nurse
(334) 365-8329  Ext:24105
Email Laken Chance
Jeannie  Coker
Daniel Pratt Elementary School Nurse
(334) 361-6400  Ext:20017
Email Jeannie Coker
Teresa  Duprel
Prattville Intermediate School Nurse
(334) 361-3880  Ext:19005
Email Teresa Duprel
Crystal  Edwards
Marbury Middle School Nurse
(334) 265-3522  Ext:26008
Email Crystal Edwards
Elizabeth  Hargrove
Pine Level Elementary School Nurse
(334) 358-2658  Ext:21024
Email Elizabeth Hargrove
Sheryl  Johnston
Prattville Jr. High School Nurse
(334) 365-6697  Ext:22017
Email Sheryl Johnston
Melvia  McKinley
Marbury Middle School Nurse
(334) 265-3522  Ext:26008
Email Melvia McKinley
Tracy  Phillips
Prattville Kindergarten School Nurse
(334) 361-3890  Ext:16009
Email Tracy Phillips
Niki  Roten
Prattville High School Nurse
(334) 365-8804  Ext:23011
Email Niki Roten
Kimberly  Sheridan
Prattville High School Nurse
(334) 361-8804  Ext:23011
Email Kimberly Sheridan
Gina  Smith
Marbury High School Nurse
(334) 387-1910  Ext:29040
Email Gina Smith
Danielle  Ulmer
Prattville Elementary School Nurse
(334) 361-3885  Ext:18011
Email Danielle Ulmer
153 W 4th St | Prattville, AL 36067 | Phone: (334) 365-5706 | Fax: (334) 361-3828

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