ACAP Summative Overview

Autauga County Schools is preparing for the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) testing throughout the district. ACAP Summative is a standards-based criterion-referenced assessment designed to provide information regarding students’ progress toward mastery of the Alabama Course of Study Standards. It is the only required standardized test for students in grades 2-8 in the state, and depending on the grade level, students only test in three areas: English-Language Arts, math, and science.

Students are not graded on the assessment, but the data provides valuable insight as to how effective classroom instruction has been and allows for modification where necessary to assist all students in reaching their full potential. ACAP Summative is used for student, school, and district accountability systems. This data is also used to build effective schedules for secondary students. ACAP Summative is most effective when teachers, administrators, and families partner together in support of the student taking this web-based test. Schools have worked diligently to prepare students, so now it’s your turn to finish the race. You are encouraged to follow these tips to give your child a successful testing experience!


Test Tips

These “secrets to success” as referenced by the students in the video are the only five tips necessary to give your child a successful testing experience!

  • Ensure your child gets enough rest the night before test days. Remove all distractions such as cell phones or tablets from bedrooms overnight. 
  • Make sure your child eats breakfast at home or in the school cafeteria on test days. A good source of protein fills them up so they aren’t focused on being hungry while actively testing.
  • Help them dress comfortably and remind them to bring a jacket for all test days regardless of the outside temperature. When students aren’t worried about external factors, they can direct their focus to testing well.
  • Ensure that your child arrives at school on time so they can test with their class or small group - the environment they are most comfortable in.
  • Be your child’s biggest cheerleader! Encourage them to do their best even when they are tried and frustrated. 


Test Resources
Students are encouraged to become familiar with the web-based test through these free online testing tools and resources video which may be tried with unlimited attempts. You are encouraged to make these study sessions fun by creating games and challenges! 


Test Dates
Please reference your child’s school and grade level for corresponding test dates. 

Autaugaville School
March 19-20: Grades 2-8 (ELA)
April 3-4: Grades 2-8 (math)
April 5: Grades 4-6 (science)

Billingsley School
March 18-19: Grades 2-3 (ELA)
March 20-21: Grades 2-3 (math & science)
April 8-9: Grades 4-8 (ELA)
April 10-11 Grades 4-8 (math & science)


Daniel Pratt Elementary School
April 8-11: Grades 2-3 (ELA & math)
April 15-18: Grades 4-6 (ELA & math)
April 23: 4 & 6 (science)
April 12: Grades 6 & 8 (science)


Marbury Middle School
April 9-11: Grades 6-8 (ELA & math)
April 12: Grades 6 & 8 (science)


Prattville Elementary School
April 3-4: Grade 3 (ELA)
April 9-10: Grade 4 (ELA) & Grade 3 (math)
April 16-17: Grade 4 (math)
April 18: Grade 4 (science)

Prattville Intermediate School
April 15: Grade 6 (science
April 8-9: Grade 6 (ELA)
April 10-11: Grades 5 (math)
April 16-17: Grade 6 (math )


Prattville Junior High School
April 2-4: Grades 7 & 8 (ELA, math & science)
April 8-9: Grades 7 & 8 (ELA)
April 10: Grades 7 & 8 (math)
April 11: Grade 8 only (science)


Pine Level Elementary School
March 19-20: Grades 2-3 (ELA)
March 21: Grade 4 (science)
April 2-3: Grades 4-5 (ELA)
April 8-9: Grades 2-3 (math)
April 10-11: Grades 4-5 (math)


Prattville Primary School
March 18-21: Grade 2 (ELA & math)
April 1-4: Grade 2 (make ups & small groups)

For more information about Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program testing, contact Holly McNider, Curriculum and Instruction Director or your school principal.