Out-of-District Enrollment

Out-of-District Enrollment

The Autauga County Board of Education adopted the Out-of-District Enrollment policy (5.57) to allow families living outside of Autauga County to choose the school environment that is best for their children through an application and random selection process. Applying students must live in the state of Alabama, be eligible to attend Autauga County Schools according to the criteria below, and agree to pay the stated tuition according to the set terms. The Out-of-District Enrollment application period opens once per year for transfer requests to be made in writing via an online form citing detailed reasons for the request, and is limited to the capacity indicated by the school system. 

Student Eligibility Criteria 

  • Enrollment status
    Students must have completed the online enrollment process before requesting a district transfer. The $1,500 tuition payment per student must be paid in full during the Centralized Registration appointment required to complete enrollment. 
  • Academic progress
    Students must show sufficient academic effort when requesting a district transfer. For grades 2-8, a copy of the student’s latest report card is required. For grades 9-12, a copy of the student’s latest transcripts is required.

  • Attendance rate
    Students must not be chronically absent which is defined as 18 or more total absences when requesting a district transfer. All students must provide an attendance profile from the current school year. 
  • Disciplinary records
    Students must not have more than one major behavior infraction (Class C) or more than three minor infractions (Class B) when requesting a district transfer. A Class C major behavior infraction is defined as alcohol possession or use, assault, inappropriate use of prescription medication, possession of weapons, criminal or aggravated mischief, profanity or vulgarity, sexual offenses or misconduct, harassment, trespassing, gang activity, inciting major student disorder, unjustified activation of fire alarm, misuse of electronic or communication devices, fighting, possession, use, or sale of vape, or any other offense in which the system deems reasonable to fall within this category after consideration of extenuating circumstances. Class B minor infractions are classified as defiance of authority, possession or use of tobacco products, vandalism, stealing, threat or intimidation, extortion, unauthorized absence, disrespectful language or gestures, intentionally providing false information, inciting a disturbance, or any other offense in which the system deems reasonable to fall within this category after consideration of extenuating circumstances.

All Out-of-District Enrollment transfer requests are reviewed in light of 1.) the stated reasons for the request, 2.) the capacity and resources of the schools, 3.) the student’s eligibility as indicated above, and 4.) the best interests of the student and of the school district. The existence or availability of a transfer request does not create or give rise to any right to attend a particular school, and school assignment remains wholly with the discretion of the Board. 

2024 Application Timeline

June 11: Out-of-District Enrollment Application Opens 
June 28: Out-of-District Enrollment Application Closes 
July 9: Approval / Denial Email Confirmation 
July 10-19: Complete Enrollment Process with Centralized Registration Meeting, Pay Tuition in Full

Important Reminders
Please be reminded of these important details as they relate to your child’s transfer request. 

  • Athletic eligibility is affected if transferring schools in the district without making a bona fide move. Please be knowledgeable of all Alabama High School Athletic Association guidelines prior to making this request.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the family. Autauga County Schools will not provide transportation to students outside of their zoned schools.

All students attending a school outside of their zoned area must meet academic, attendance, and behavior expectations. Failure to do so could result in your child being unenrolled from the school system. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Centralized Registration Department at registration@acboe.net or (334) 365-5706 ext. 1028 or 1029.