Transportation Department
Students enjoy riding a school bus that is safe and clean.
Students enjoy riding a school bus that is safe and clean.

Our Vision 

First a Driver-Then a Service Provider – Enhancing the educational experiences for all students by keeping them safe while on and around the bus at all times.      

Our Mission

The mission of the Autauga County Transportation Department is to support the academic day by providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services of the Autauga County Public School System.


  • To operate buses that are safe, clean and attractive.

  • To pick up and deliver students to their authorized destination on time and in an orderly manner.

  • To operate all buses in accordance with state laws, board of education and guidelines established by the Transportation  Supervisor.

  • To ensure that all personnel who operate vehicles for pupil transportation are a positive influence for public relations.

  • To develop and enforce rules and regulations for the efficient operations of buses as it relates to the safety of ACSS transportation employees at all times.

Transportation Forms