Twilight School

Free Standards Recovery Program

In accordance with the Alabama State Department of Education, Autauga County Schools now offers a Twilight School program for students who’ve failed a course standards required for credit. This free, individually-paced recovery program is offered as an opportunity to potentially avoid summer school or be retained in the following school year. 


Program Eligibility

Students in grades 6-12 are eligible for this program based on the following criteria. 


  • Students are eligible to recover one standards course if the first semester grade was below 60% on a 100 point (or equivalent) scale. 
  • Students may recover these corse courses through Edgenuity, the district's online educational platform.
    • Math
    • English
    • Science
    • History
  • Students must have fewer than seven unexcused absences in the failed course; standards may not be recovered due to absences.
  • Students must comply with the Code of Conduct: A Parent & Student Handbook. Any infractions may result in removal from the program.


Program Schedule

This free program is scheduled from January 22 - April 5, and is offered two days per week after school from approximately 3:15 - 4:45 p.m. School-specific program times may be adjusted according to varying dismissal times. While only one course can be taken at a time, additional courses may be recovered if the student competes course work early. 


Once registered, students must attend every session until all academic obligations are met; no more than two absences are allowed to remain eligible for the program.

Courses & Space Availability 

Course availability and classroom space is determined by the school-specific program based on registration numbers and the ability to serve students.


Interested students must submit a Twilight School application between January 16-18. Applications will be reviewed by a counselor to determine eligibility and program availability.


The program is facilitated by a content-area certified teacher using Edgenuity, the district's online educational platform. Use of this virtual learning program ensures alignment with the state’s academic content standards approved by the Alabama State Board of Education; allowing students to progressively work through lessons at a pace that all course work can be completed within the hours allotted for this program. Students are required to show mastery of the failed standards during the twilight term.

A mastery score of 60% or above must be obtained to receive credit for lost standards through the Twilight School program. A final transfer grade of 60% will be entered as a replacement score. The replacement score will be included in the student’s overall course average, but the student’s original failing score will remain on their permanent record. This replacement score will be used in the process of calculating the student’s overall grade point average.


Transportation is the responsibility of the parents or students. Students who consistently remain on campus for more than 15 minutes after pick-up may be removed from the program.  


For more information about the Twilight School program, contact Jacob Holloway, Ph.D., Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum & Instructional Services, or your school principal.