Contact List

Thebo, Raymond
Information Technology Supervisor
(334) 365-5706 Ext:14001
Holley, Robby
IT Systems Technician
(334) 365-5706 Ext:14020
James, Naomi
Data Base Specialist
(334) 365-5706 Ext:14002
Johnson, Christie
Instructional Technology Coach
Ray, Lynn
IT Systems Specialist
(334) 365-5706 Ext:14010
Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services department purpose is to support all technology infrastructures and instructional technology needs. Our department provides the system with support in the following areas listed:

  1. Recommend appropriate technology solutions for educational and administrative purposes
  2. Manage the system-wide student information management software program (Inow)
  3. Generate accurate state reports for the system
  4. Secure and maintain records
  5. Equip buildings in the system with infrastructures to operate efficiently
  6. Install computer software and hardware
  7. Conduct system-wide diagnostic tests on IP telephone
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