Flexible Military Enrollment

Flexible Military Enrollment

Autauga County Schools salutes its military families with the district's Flexible Military Enrollment agreement. This military-specific enrollment agreement allows children of United States and foreign armed forces, civilian faculty & students, and civilian base employees not residing in the district to choose the school they desire for their children to attend. Students determined to be eligible to be enrolled will be accepted as “first come, first serve” according to school availability based on current enrollment.

Eligible Applicants

  • Student(s) of a member of the United States or foreign military armed forces who is transferred to Air University, Maxwell, or Gunter AFB due to a change of station orders or term appointment.
  • Student(s) of a civilian student or faculty member at Air University. Air University will certify the individual as a civilian faculty member.
  • Student(s) of any active duty or civilian personnel employed by Air University, Maxwell, or Gunter AFB.
  • Autauga County Schools will allow children of the above-described eligibility categories to apply for enrollment in the following schools:
    • Daniel Pratt Elementary School
    • Marbury Middle School
    • Marbury High School
    • Pine Level Elementary School
    • Prattville Elementary School
    • Prattville High School
    • Prattville Intermediate School
    • Prattville Junior High School
    • Prattville Kindergarten School
    • Prattville Primary School

All Flexible Military Enrollment requests are reviewed in light of 1.) the stated reasons for the request, 2.) the capacity and resources of the schools, 3.) the student’s eligibility as indicated above, and 4.) the best interests of the student and of the school district. The existence or availability of a transfer request does not create or give rise to any right to attend a particular school, and school assignment remains wholly with the discretion of the Board. 

Important Reminders
Please be reminded of these important details as they relate to your child’s flexible enrollment request. 

  • Athletic eligibility is affected if transferring schools in the district without making a bona fide move. Please be knowledgeable of all Alabama High School Athletic Association guidelines prior to making this request.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the family. Autauga County Schools will not provide transportation to students outside of their zoned schools.
  • All students attending a school outside of their zoned area must meet academic, attendance, and behavior expectations. Failure to do so could result in your child being transferred back to their zoned school if living in Autauga County or being unenrolled from the school system if living outside of Autauga County.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Centralized Registration Department at registration@acboe.net or (334) 365-5706 ext. 1028 or 1029.